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How Do You Use the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients in Your AeroGarden?

There is no doubt about it, the UltraGrow Liquid Replacement Nutrients for the AeroGarden produce incredible and fantastic results – but, according to several AeroGarden users we have talked to, the instructions about how to use them can be a little unclear. So,  we talked to the good folks over at the Hydroponic-Home-Garden.com, and they made us a short little instruction video that we can share with you – to answer any questions you might have about how to use the liquid nutrients. Check it out!

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Tips & Suggestions When Using the Liquid AeroGarden Nutrients

  1. Discard all the water in your AeroGarden and start from scratch (fresh water)
  2. Mix the recommended amount of ALL THREE nutrients together with 1 gallon of fresh tap or bottled water. (All three nutrients must be mixed together with the water for them to work – they are 3 part nutrients and are meant to be used at the same time, not individually).
  3. Fill up your AeroGarden with the premixed nutrient water. Periodically check the water level, and if it’s low, fill it with the nutrient water.
  4. When moving to the next phase, make sure you empty the AeroGarden and start with 1 gallon of fresh water again.
  5. Pay attention to the growth of your plants – you can visually tell when it’s time to move phases.

Use this for a guide along with the instruction table on the label of the nutrients:

  1. Phase 1: Seedlings/Cuttings - Use when first planting your AeroGarden and continue using for about 2 weeks or until plants look like they have a good start.
  2. Phase 2: General Purpose Mild - Use once your AeroGarden Plants have a good start, and continue using until the plants really start to grow
  3. Phase 3: Vegetative Growth - Use this phase mixture when your really want to supercharge the growth of your plants. This is usually after they have a well established root system. Using this will kick their growth into high gear, but be careful not to use this phase too early.If you are growing leaf crops such as lettuces and basil etc…you will likely stay on this phase for the remainder of the plants life.
  4. Phase 4: Transition to bloom phase – Use this if you are growing flowering/fruiting plants in your AeroGarden, as soon as you notice the small flower buds appearing – Once a few buds have blossomed, switch to phase 5.
  5. Phase 5: Flowering/Fruiting – Use this phase once your buds have begun to blossom, this phase will encourage your plants to produce more blossoms and fruit.

UltraGrow Liquid Nutrient Application Table

If you have not started using the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients in your AeroGarden – You really are missing out on the opportunity for faster, fuller, and healthier growth out of your AeroGarden. They are easy to use, and won’t damage your AeroGarden like the nutrient tablets can. You can find more details, and pick up a set at the following online stores: