We just got word of a killer sale on the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients over at the Hydroponic Home Garden. For the next few days their having a BUY 2 SETS get the 3rd SET FREE sale with coupon code ‘ULTRAGROW‘.

TIP: In order for the coupon code ULTRAGROW to work, you actually need to put 3 sets in your cart – then apply the code which knocks off the price of one.

If you haven’t used the nutrients in your AeroGarden, or on your houseplants you are definitely missing out! The sale expires July 31st, 2012 so jump on it.

How Do You Use the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients in Your AeroGarden?

There is no doubt about it, the UltraGrow Liquid Replacement Nutrients for the AeroGarden produce incredible and fantastic results – but, according to several AeroGarden users we have talked to, the instructions about how to use them can be a little unclear. So,  we talked to the good folks over at the Hydroponic-Home-Garden.com, and they made us a short little instruction video that we can share with you – to answer any questions you might have about how to use the liquid nutrients. Check it out!

If you haven’t ordered a set of the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients for your AeroGarden yet…you are missing out. You can get them here:



Tips & Suggestions When Using the Liquid AeroGarden Nutrients

  1. Discard all the water in your AeroGarden and start from scratch (fresh water)
  2. Mix the recommended amount of ALL THREE nutrients together with 1 gallon of fresh tap or bottled water. (All three nutrients must be mixed together with the water for them to work – they are 3 part nutrients and are meant to be used at the same time, not individually).
  3. Fill up your AeroGarden with the premixed nutrient water. Periodically check the water level, and if it’s low, fill it with the nutrient water.
  4. When moving to the next phase, make sure you empty the AeroGarden and start with 1 gallon of fresh water again.
  5. Pay attention to the growth of your plants – you can visually tell when it’s time to move phases.

Use this for a guide along with the instruction table on the label of the nutrients:

  1. Phase 1: Seedlings/Cuttings - Use when first planting your AeroGarden and continue using for about 2 weeks or until plants look like they have a good start.
  2. Phase 2: General Purpose Mild - Use once your AeroGarden Plants have a good start, and continue using until the plants really start to grow
  3. Phase 3: Vegetative Growth - Use this phase mixture when your really want to supercharge the growth of your plants. This is usually after they have a well established root system. Using this will kick their growth into high gear, but be careful not to use this phase too early.If you are growing leaf crops such as lettuces and basil etc…you will likely stay on this phase for the remainder of the plants life.
  4. Phase 4: Transition to bloom phase – Use this if you are growing flowering/fruiting plants in your AeroGarden, as soon as you notice the small flower buds appearing – Once a few buds have blossomed, switch to phase 5.
  5. Phase 5: Flowering/Fruiting – Use this phase once your buds have begun to blossom, this phase will encourage your plants to produce more blossoms and fruit.

UltraGrow Liquid Nutrient Application Table

If you have not started using the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients in your AeroGarden – You really are missing out on the opportunity for faster, fuller, and healthier growth out of your AeroGarden. They are easy to use, and won’t damage your AeroGarden like the nutrient tablets can. You can find more details, and pick up a set at the following online stores:



One of the biggest questions and drawbacks people think of when they think of the AeroGarden, is that they want to use their own seeds, and not get locked into buying prepackaged seeds that are very expensive.

Well, now you can grow your own seeds with the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) AeroGarden Refill Kit!

Check out the video from Hydroponic Home Garden’s site here:

The kit includes enough biodegradable grow sponges & liquid nutrients for a year’s worth of growing…and when you compare the price to the Master Gardener Seed Kit, you will save BIG MONEY with the DIY kit.The major benefit we see to using the DIY AeroGarden Refill Kit is that you can actually reuse the pieces of your old seed kits, which means you aren’t locked into buying the complete prepackaged AeroGarden Seed Kits. Use your own seeds, customize your kit however you want, and then get super-charged growth with the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients.


The AeroGarden DIY Refill Kit is available and compatible with 3-pod, 6-pod, and 7-pod AeroGarden Seed Kits at:


If you already have the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients, you can also purchase just the replacement refill grow sponges as well. We are excited to start using the DIY kit, and as always, if you are going to use your own seeds in the AeroGarden, we recommend using:

Park Seed

Okay, the time is long overdue – I have to admit it. I have been keeping a secret. A BIG secret. A secret that has enabled me to get extreme AeroGarden growth and production – beyond what I have in the past…and I’m gonna share that secret with you! (But don’t tell anyone else :) Just kidding. Tell everyone so they can have the same phenomenal AeroGarden growth that I have.

The Secret to a superior AeroGarden Harvest is IN the Water!

Several months ago, I was approached by the iGardenShoppe and asked if I would like to test a new AeroGarden Nutrient that they were developing. I accepted, and have been using the “Secret AeroGarden Nutrients” ever since – and let me tell you, what a difference these AeroGarden Nutrients make! I coudn’t believe the difference in the speed of growth, and the richer color of my plants. So now that I have tested – and 100% approved these new Nutrients, I can now confidently recommend and introduce them to you!

Introducing the UltraGrow Liquid AeroGarden Nutrients!

UltraGrow Liquid AeroGarden Nutrients

These AeroGarden Replacement Nutrients really are incredible – and are actually used by professional hydroponic growers in the industry. Here is a breakdown of the features:

  • The UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients outperform ‘tablet’ nutrients
  • They do not leave the mineral deposits that can ‘kill’ your AeroGarden pump (I know this from firsthand experience. I have had to replace 3 of my AeroGarden’s pumps due to mineral deposit and buildup!)
  • They can be custom mixed easily for the perfect nutrient solution for every stage of growth
  • They dissolve easily in water – so your AeroGardens plants have access to all of the nutrients from the onset
  • Each UltraGrow Liquid AeroGarden Nutrient set has enough supe-concentrated nutrients for a full year of AeroGarden growth! – That’s 4X the nutrients than the ‘tablets’, at a much better price!

The UltraGrow Nutrients for the AeroGarden have been unavailable to the public until this week – so we are excited to see the results everyone else will be seeing with their AeroGardens! We recommend scrapping the nutrient tablets that come prepackaged with the AeroGarden Seed Kits, and using the UltraGrow Nutrients instead.

Not only will your AeroGarden perform better, it will last longer as well since there will not be the hard mineral deposits that the tablet nutrients leave behind! Do it for your AeroGarden! :)

You can currently purchase the UltraGrow Liquid AeroGarden Replacement Nutrients at www.iGardenShoppe.com & www.Hydroponic-Home-Garden.com.

If any of you have tried growing tomatoes, peppers, or anything else that gets rather large in your AeroGarden, you know how much it would help to have something to support your plants. The soft ties (rubber coated wire) hardly helps at all when you’ve got a heavy branch of tomatoes. For those who want something better, there is a Trellis System that is available for the AeroGarden. It consists of 4 retractable reels with loops at the ends.You just attach the loops around the branches that need support, and the reels attach to your AeroGarden. The retractable reel keeps constant tension on the branch that needs support – and it adjusts automatically as the plants grow. It really is a great accessory to have if you grow anything that would benefit from supports.


Universal AeroGarden Trellis System

Here are the benefits of the Universal AeroGarden Trellis System:

  1. With the Universal AeroGarden Trellis System, you can attach the reels (coils) anywhere! You can even attach them to a wall behind your AeroGarden if you want to!
  2. The Universal AeroGarden Trellis System works with ANY AEROGARDEN model
  3. It is about 1/2 the price of the trellis system from AeroGrow – which means you can get more reels for support for less!

Where can you buy the Universal AeroGarden Trellis System?

Currently, you can only buy the Universal AeroGarden Trellis System from the iGardenShoppe (www.iGardenShoppe.com) & The Hydroponic Home Garden (www.hydroponic-home-garden.com). The cost is around $12 and is definitely worth it.

So I wanted to give you a heads up to let you know how my own AeroGarden’s are doing. I replanted them about 3 1/2 weeks ago…and so far, they are growing incredibly well!

There are a few things that I’ve done differently for these AeroGarden plantings…and I used a secret weapon – which has been absolutely phenominal!  Here is my current setup:

I’m using the AeroGarden Pro200 (which I just bought from www.iGardenShoppe.com) – the AeroGarden Pro200 is by far the best one out there. Here is what I have planted in my Pro200 AeroGarden

I got most of these seeds from Park Seed (I have never been dissappointed with them – and they have a TON of awesome seeds!)

Park Seed

My current AeroGarden Setup Large Leaf Italian Basil from Park Seed A sandwich I made with lettuce from my AeroGarden

I am also using the new AeroGarden 3 (mini AeroGarden)…so far it’s growth is much slower than the AeroGarden Pro200, but it is still doing pretty well. I’ll review the AeroGarden 3 in more detail after I finish the current planting.

Sooooooo…ya wanna know my SUPER SECRET to superb AeroGarden Growth? Sign up for our newsletter and maybe I’ll let you know when I expiriment a little more with it :)

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that for a limited time (who knows how long) the iGardenShoppe.com is having a killer SALE on all of the AeroGardens! Here’s a summary of the sweet AeroGarden deals:

  • Save $20 INSTANTLY when you purchase
  • Get a FREE $10 Gift Certificate when you purchase any AeroGarden (AeroGarden’s  qualify for this promotion!)
  • $65 of coupons for FREE GIFTS (I was told this could be redeemed by sending in the form that is included in the AeroGarden)
  • Your purchase helps to save children and the environment! How AWESOME is THAT? I definitely give the iGardenShoppe.com props for dontating a portion of the AeroGarden proceed to different charities…thumbs up!

If you are in the market for an AeroGarden and are looking for a great place to get one for the best deal…I definitely recommend checking out www.iGardenShoppe.com

AeroGarden Deals from the iGardenShoppe.com

Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new AeroGarden supplier…they have a great site and tons of AeroGarden stuff, so it may be worth checking them out. The thing that I think is very cool is that a portion of the proceeds from each AeroGarden sale goes to various charities…that’s pretty cool. It looks like they have some killer deals right now too. If you want to check em’ out their site is www.iGardenShoppe.com

Well, the AeroGarden may have finally met its match…While the AeroGarden has enjoyed huge popularity among the masses over the past several years, AeroGrow (the company who makes the AeroGarden) has made some recent changes to the technology used in their product in order to reduce their cost and be more profitable. The problem is that their new technology of using a bubbler (in most models) instead of a water pump is less efficient, and as a result the plants do not grow as quickly. We’ll go in depth about the differences in technology in a later post.

Prepara Power Plant Review

In the meantime, Prepara has introduced a brand new ‘AeroGarden’ alternative that has the indoor garden community buzzing. The Prepara Power Plant Pro is a compact, and highly efficient indoor garden that uses true hydroponic and aeroponic technology (where roots are suspended in the air – not water). As you’ll be able to see in the video below, it grows faster, healthier plants in almost half the space of the larger AeroGardens. AeroGarden Reviews.org has been testing the Power Plant Pro for the last couple months, and we are extremely pleased with its performance. Check out this video from www.Hydroponic-Home-Garden.com!

Okay, so we know there are TONS of places that you can get the AeroGarden online…BUT, and we emphasize BUT…not all of them are equal. Shopping for the holidays can be CRAZY, and unfortunately many times, online retailers will sell a product, and then not ship it in a timely way during the holidays…which just adds to the stress of the season. We talked to our friends over at The Hydroponic Home Garden, and they told us that they frequently get emails and calls from people, who are frustrated because they purchased from another company, and it had been 2, even 3 weeks later with NO product! That is ridiculous and unaccpetable! Especially when you’re trying to buy gifts for the Holidays!

Our Recommendation – Where to Buy the AeroGarden during the Holidays?

Hands down, with no doubt in our minds, the BEST place to purchase the AeroGarden is from our friends over at The Hydroponic Home Garden. We know these guys, and we TRUST these guys! They have almost every AeroGarden item in stock, and orders usually ship within 1 business day…often times they will even ship the same day. They also email you the FedEx tracking number as soon as it ships so you can track the status of your order.

Special Bonuses from The Hydroponic Home Garden:

  1. Products usually ship within 1 business day with tracking numbers
  2. FREE SHIPPING on ALL AEROGARDENS (Plus, FREE SHIPPING on anything else purchased with the AeroGarden in the same order)
  3. Rumor has it, that there is going to be a HUGE STOREWIDE PROMOTION going on during the Holidays…exclusively at The Hydroponic Home Garden – if you are on their email list you will get exclusive emails and storewide coupons etc. (THIS IS HUGE!) If you are not on their email list…GET ON IT! (just sign up on www.hydroponic-home-garden.com) You can also sign up for our newsletter in the upper right corner of the page, and we’ll give you the heads up whenever they have a promotion of discount.

Don’t risk purchasing the AeroGarden from someone else during the holiday season. The Hydroponic Home Garden is the #1 rated AeroGarden Source FOR A REASON! Visit them at www.hydroponic-home-garden.com or Click the Banner below or at the top of the page.

AeroGarden Buying

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