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There are different types of orangery designs. The following includes a breakdown of some of them

  • Timber orangery designs: They are manufactured and constructed in the finest durable hardwoods and are the best materials to be used in the construction of an either traditionally or a contemporary structure. For any orangery design to be authentic and elegantly moulded, the use of timber is always the best option. Timber is the commonly used orangery design because it offers a huge range of paint colours. In addition, modern orangery is able to last for a long time. Often people buy an outdoor awning with a orangery roof as they can be fairly similar and complement each-other well.

  • Architectural aluminum: This type of orangery design is rated to be more superior to PVCs but because its cost is usually close to that of hardwood, timber is often preferred .Aluminum is recommended by building professionals because of its inherent strength and slim neat lines. In modern orangery designs, aluminum framework makes bold focus to give large design features a modern feel.

  • PVCu: This is the most economical orangery design and it’s not chosen in most times. It offers a good system which is lead free and also a guarantee in Marine designs. This type of design is not as preferred as compared to timber in orangery works.

Finding the best type of orangery conservatory designs guarantees the best mould designs for you! Experienced professionals offer the best advice regarding the type of orangery designs to use.

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