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Okay, so one of the most sought after AeroGarden Seed Kits has been the AeroGarden Strawberry kit. The only problem is, that the strawberry kits were discontinued many months ago. Why you ask? Well, the AeroGardens Strawberry kits were different from their other seed kits in the fact that they didn’t contain seeds…they contained live plants. I don’t know how many of you have shipped a live plant to your cousin’s in Muskogee Oklahoma…but you can imagine that the US Postal service isn’t very friendly with “live” things. In short, the seed kits didn’t have a very good survival rate. But, all hope is NOT LOST!

I hear so many people desperately searching for the strawberry kits…that I’ve decided to post a Step-by-Step tutorial on How to Grow Strawberries in your AeroGarden.

Step 1: Find Some Strawberry Plants to Transplant into your AeroGarden

The first step to a successful crop of AeroGarden Strawberries is to find already existing live strawberry plants. Usually you can find these at a local garden supply store or nursery. I happened to have some plants already in my outdoor garden, so I just pulled some of them up to use. Make sure that the plants you use have a good, healthy root system.

AeroGarden Strawberries Tutorial

Step 2: Trim the Roots

If your strawberry plants have been growing for any length of time, the roots may be quite large. Before you transplant them into your AeroGarden, you will need to trim excess roots in order for the plant to fit into the AeroGarden Seed pods.

AeroGarden Strawberries Tutorial

Step 3: Prepare the AeroGarden Seed Pods

Next you are going to want to prepare the AeroGarden Seed Pods for the strawberries. The easiest thing to do is to use the AeroGarden Master Gardener’s Kit (allows you to grow your own seeds), or you can alter an existing seed kit. I’ll show you below by altering an existing unused seed kit.

AeroGarden Strawberries Tutorial

AeroGarden Strawberries Tutorial

  1. Take out the grow sponge and split it in half all the way down.
  2. Place the strawberry plant inside the two halves, and place it back into the seed pod.
  3. Place the completed seed pod back into your AeroGarden.
  4. Hold the reset button down for 8-10 seconds. When the unit resets, switch the controls to “Strawberries” or “Live Plants”
  5. That’s it! Enjoy fresh home grown AeroGarden Strawberries in a few weeks.

I will be posting follow-up photos and comments on growing strawberries in your AeroGarden in a week or so, so you can see the progress.

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